Campgrounds in Michigan City

Campgrounds in Michigan City Rates and Locations

campground in michigan city

Campgrounds near traverse city are one of the best places to stay during your stay in Michigan City. You will find many places to shop, eat, and play. There are many campgrounds in Michigan City, Indiana, that offer lodging and other attractions.

  • The first recommended campground in Michigan City is Stony Haven, owned and operated by Amy and John Kroon since 1996, the Stony Haven island campground is located on 8 acres near Stony Lake and just 2 miles from classic lake Michigan. This campground is open every day of the week, rain or shine and you can choose to reserve a cabin or buying your own land for your stay.

    Rates: from $5.00 to $15.00 per person, per night. You go to their official website for detailed rates here.

    Summary: Stony Haven Island Campground is a wonderful place to go if you want to enjoy a warm spring day, relax after a hard day’s work, or even have some family time with a Christian environment.

  • Second, the most famous campground in Michigan City is the Wild Kingdom. Located in between an ancient mill on the east and a beautiful park on the west, the Wild Kingdom offers the best in luxury camping. Campers have access to a clubhouse, pool, spa, hot tub, game rooms, and a gym. If you enjoy kayaking, boating, hiking, or hiking there is also an abundance of trails around the Wild Kingdom. The campers can even hike or raft over Lake Michigan.

    Stony Haven Campground is not as popular as the Wild Kingdom, it offers a very nice park-like atmosphere. This campground has nine different cabins that have all the amenities needed. Some campers even say that this campground is the best in the whole city.

  • The biggest and most well-known campgrounds in Michigan City are located within the boundaries of the historic old mill. The Historic Mill was built back in the 1800s by the first mill owners that came to Michigan City and are now used as a museum where history is taught to children.
  • The Grand Lake Campground is another famous campground in Michigan City. It is one of the larger ones, that is also part of the entire city. It is situated about ten miles away from the historical mill. You will find three cabins with swimming pools, hot tubs, and tennis courts. This campground also offers lodging for campers to use during the night.

Campgrounds like these are not always well maintained, so you will want to make sure to bring your own equipment and supplies. Some campgrounds charge an entrance fee but are usually less expensive. Most campgrounds do not charge anything for a reservation. Campgrounds near traverse city are great for families just starting out.

Campgrounds near a traverse city offer many things to do for a great vacation whether it is a picnic break, an afternoon at the beach, horseback riding, fishing, biking, hiking or simply spending time with your family. The parks and forests are clean and safe and offer you and your family many opportunities to get away from it all while experiencing nature and the wonderful summer days.

There are campgrounds that are within walking distance of the downtown area and some are close to the river.

If you would rather stay near the river than walking in the woods, there are campsites that are close to the river that allow you to enjoy boating, fishing, kayaking, and tubing on the beautiful Lake Michigan.

Campgrounds in Michigan City are just waiting to accommodate you no matter what your budget is. You will find cabins that range from small to luxurious that will accommodate everyone’s needs.

Campgrounds in Michigan City are known the great all over the United States and you can still find the best campsites all over the country. When you are looking for a campground to stay in Michigan City, you should look for one that offers all of the facilities that you will need. You can find affordable campsites or a more expensive campground that is perfect for a family.

If you are looking to enjoy your stay in a campground you should check out online. There are many companies that sell campsites and other camping equipment that will give you the tools and supplies you will need when you are looking to purchase your own camping equipment. You can find everything you need for your family to enjoy.

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